Remodeling & New Construction

Renovation, which is also referred to as remodeling, is how people bring their homes or a particular room, back to life. With so many options, it often helps to have someone offer them ideas, what is in style, the latest additions to remodeling or new construction. We offer our clients many design and construction concepts that will give their project, no matter how small or large it may be, that new look they are desiring; perhaps a fresh new modern feel or going back in time, bringing life to your place with a retro-look.

Another benefit of remodeling or renovating is adding value to their property. A fresh, new feel and look to any home is inviting, appealing and often makes people wish their home looked like your home. Renovating, therefore, is also a great beginning for those wanting to place their home on the market.

Our role is to offer options to our clients--to educate them about the quality levels and associated prices that are available.

We are honest, reliable and trusted company. We use the Time and Material (T & M) method of pricing, a growing trend in the industry, charging our costs plus a markup. Materials, subcontracts, and our labor billing rates are marked up a percentage to cover overhead and profit. 

Overhead costs are day to day business expenses which are not directly attributable to particular jobs. Overhead includes,