Plumbing & Water Leaks

To home owners, water can be a blessing or curse. When it is nourishing plants, filling the pool for some summer fun, or running from the shower head for an invigorating morning shower, it can be taken for granted. But, when it leaks when it's not supposed to, it can be at the least a nuisance. At the worst, it can cause damage that can run into the thousands of dollars. 

If the leaking in your house is due to rain water that is getting in, find the source of the leak as soon as possible. We are specialized in locating hard to find leaks, If it is from the roof, make sure there is no structural damage before the roof is fixed. If the leak is in the basement, apply a waterproofing materials to the outside of the foundation and install sub-surface french-drain in the perimeter of the entire house foundation. 

Roofs are usually threatened by ice freezing along the peripheries of the building, which dams up rain and forces it to seep between shingles and into flaws. Most roofs possess a felt paper covering beneath the shingles to serve as a barrier against water, but this covering is often inadequate. An effective supplement is the use of special rubber-based sheets, which, in addition to being watertight themselves, often possess trace specks of glass that help to resist ultraviolet light as well as moisture. More in depth information about roofing is available on Wikipedia and can be view by clicking on "roofing".

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