Decks, Patios & Fences

Patio and Decks

Patios and decks are made for families to enjoy and relax under the sun or stars. It's often treated like an addition or an extension to the house where family and friends gather in this newly created outdoor room to talk, play, cook, eat and enjoy the beauty of a well landscaped garden. A new patio or deck increases your square foot without taking away costing as much as if you were to add an entire indoor room.

Many people will call a patio a deck, or they call deck a patio, which is fine, but... differences between the two are listed below: a patio is an outdoor space built on the ground. In most cases it is situated directly connected to the house, but also built in a separate part of the yard. Patios are constructed from concrete and are either used without additional material (after sealing) or stone, pavers or tile are added as a final finish.


Decks have been constructed from wood, and now (longer lasting, less prone to weather damage) constructed from vinyl. They are most often enclosed by railings for safety reasons especially for those decks constructed above the ground level. Decks can also be constructed on the ground with some sort of support, but others are added to the upper level parts of a home, from a bedroom or even at the roof level. As with the patio, decks are a wonderful extension of the home square footage, and a wonderful addition for gathering with family and friends.


Adding fencing or a deck to your property is one of the best ways to increase its value without spending a great deal in the process. In addition, our solutions are designed to add aesthetic appeal, making your space look attractive and inviting throughout the year. We use only the highest quality products available in the industry today ensuring you'll always receive the best we have to offer.